Creating value from your data using
enterprise AI


Enterprise AI uses your data in a smart way; it makes your organisation more efficient, adaptive, effective and sustainable. Our data-driven decision support leads to better results in virtually any business value area.

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Data science consultancy

Getting from data to value requires insights into existing business. We uncover business cases for your data. We start with your biggest questions and create a digital strategy suited for your business needs.

Data analysis & visualisation

Being in control of your business requires business information (BI) from data. We create insightful analyses and dashboards that feed your daily business with up-to-date insights and key KPI’s.

Data engineering & transition

Value from data is created when daily operations are based on data driven decisions using DevOps. We create reliable and scalable systems that enable meaningful transition in your business.

Energy transition

The transition of the energy market towards a low-carbon system brings many data-driven challenges. We help our clients in finding leads, optimise their grid and seamlessly integrate data into their processes.

Financial optimization

Financial institutions have to remain reliable and trust-worthy whilst innovating with data & AI. We help our clients to integrate their legacy systems by using modern data-solutions and innovative business ideas.

Sustainable transformation

Across sectors companies are being challenged to create a more sustainable way of working. We implement solutions that create more efficient and agile organisations using data and enterprise AI.

“We’ve been working together with to complement our data capabilities at Alliander, together we tackle the most challenging data science projects involving the energy transition.”

Jan Visser - Manager Qirion Energy Consulting

We ignite. We perform. We improve.

We ignite.
We perform.
We improve.

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