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Design & Innovation

The Digital Studio is the home of creative innovators with a strong focus on strategic and visual design. Success relies on a clear understanding of your users’ needs, behaviors and goals. We define and resolve the right business challenge to achieve added value for your business and your customers.

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Insight into the future

Before you build anything, make sure you’re building the right thing. We provide you with insight into the future. We measure impact with real users. We gain valuable feedback and insight. We ensure that only validated and relevant designs are shared with development teams.

Agility is key

We learn more in 2 weeks than others will in a year. We understand design as we do understand business. We commit to user testing, learning and iteration. 

Future proof products

When we build products, we’re not just thinking about what your users want today. We think about what they might want in the future. We’re dedicated to your project until it’s finished. We work transparently, therefore you know exactly what to expect. 

New Revenue Studio

We understand it’s hard to innovate when you have to think about legacy, infrastructure and risk. As your external innovation partner, we do this for you. Rapidly we build new innovative products in our studio. We integrate successful working solutions into your company. 

User Experience Design

User testing, A/B testing, insights and iterations. Our User experience designers quickly launch new websites and apps to measure impact with real customers. Multiple tools and techniques help us to improve designs based on real customer feedback.

Onboarding experts

Have you ever considered talking to actual customers? We provide insights into the best way to get your customers onboard. Over the years we’ve researched the most optimal ways to onboard users in different fields. We design flawless and efficient onboarding flows. 

“It's great how NAVARA translates our ideas into successful digital environments that our customers love”

Jan-Willem Hoitsma - Brand New Day

We ignite. We perform. We improve.

We ignite.
We perform.
We improve.

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