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Advanced Technology

With our extensive knowledge of cutting-edge technology, our consultants drive innovation and digital transformation. We ignite your digital performance by challenging you on your vision and blueprint. This in regard to relevance, ownership, speed and technology. We spark and excite your organisation, providing you with the oxygen to initiate action. By putting digital transformation into motion, executing digital performance and helping to build strong future proof businesses. 

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Digital products

As your technology partner, NAVARA takes full responsibility for a successful implementation of the relevant digital products and solutions, in the right way. Due to our proven way of working we are able to experiment, learn and scale in the fastest way possible.

Team as a service (TaaS)

NAVARA teams work with you on your most business critical digital performance. Setting up these teams is custom work. Based on your challenge, we ensure that the right seniority, technical knowledge and attitude is available to make it a great success. Our teams have a highly competitive advantage compared to teams around. Curious? We look forward to telling you why..

Technology Consultancy

Our technology consultants have completed technical studies at the best Universities. They passionately use all their knowledge and experience to maximize impact. This ranges from IT architecture to front-end and back-end development, but also improving the process through, for example, DevOps, Agile, CI / CD and Cloud. Don’t expect a pushover, our consultants will challenge you!

Mobile First

We believe in building applications that will maximize your customer experience and engagement. We start with the mobile experience and then expand to omnichannel. Our apps are secure and comply with the regulations in your industry. We implement the front-end with future proof frameworks such as Angular, React Native, Vue JS, Native IOS and Android.

Technology experts

"Behind every successful front-end there stands a back-end". Less visible, yet crucially important. We understand the choice for technology and architecture is determined by a myriad of factors and constraints, not all of which technical. We have experts in all relevant stacks ranging from traditional Java EE monoliths to modern NodeJS microservices and everything in between.

Way of working

We help improve the way you work. Think of the transition to DevOps and Cloud, setting up CI / CD and test automation. We  train teams in this transition and help them grow to higher maturity levels.

"NAVARA stands for quality and impact. Within various functions at several organisations, I have worked on 'high demanding' digital products together with NAVARA consultants."

Nico Reichenbach - MN Services

We ignite. We perform. We improve.

We ignite.
We perform.
We improve.

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